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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Cat





Consider a biodegradable litter.The most popular cat litter is clay litter because it is effective, affordable and accessible. However, this has some seriously drawbacks because it is both environmentally damaging and potentially dangerous to your cat’s health. Look for a cat litter that is made from biodegradable ingredients and doesn’t have artificial fragrances or silica dust that can make your cat sick.

Feed holistic cat foodHolistic cat foodlike Halo uses real WHOLE meat and never any rendered “meat meals.” We source wild caught seafood from sustainable fisheries and work with farms that raise animals naturally, with room to roam and without use of antibiotics to promote growth. We are proud to have met the standards of the全球动物合作(GAP) and the海洋管理委员会(MSC),两个独立组织,可评估公司可持续和负责任的采购行为。

使用宠物友好的清洁产品。Many cleaning solutions are harmful to all animals. Try using a pet-safe alternative that doesn’t contain bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol or any other harmful chemical. Instead look for products that are eco-friendly and made with biodegradable ingredients.

Buy or make your own eco-friendly toys。猫喜欢玩,而不是购买它们的低质量玩具,可以在不到一分钟内撕成碎片,然后轻松抛出的环境可能对环境不利。相反,寻找生态友好的玩具或制作自己的!绿色猫玩具可以在主要宠物供应商店找到,您可以查看一些YouTubes视频上how to make some fun cat toys.

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  1. 我们使用总基的猫垃圾是完全可生物降解的,它比我们曾经尝试过的任何粘土垃圾丛生的气味更好。在宠物店要求垃圾垃圾,以找到良好的可生物降解品牌。有很好的可用。如果你第一次尝试不令人满意的尝试另一个品牌。您可以进行生态友好的高品质。

  2. Petco通过再生纸制成的垃圾。除了大便之外,它不需要舀取,非常重量轻,没有灰尘,没有人造香料。随着一周的努力,随着纸张吸收水,它变得更重。然后,最好的事情是 - 当你把垃圾箱的内容倾倒进入垃圾时,没有必要洗垃圾箱!令人惊讶的是,盒子很香水,干净,准备好了更多的纸质垃圾。它被称为如此phresh -https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-litter/non-clumping-cat-litter/so-phresh-odor-control-paper-cat-litter

  3. WRT, in case you didn’t notice, this is Halo’s own blog, so why shouldn’t they mention their own products? I just wish they sold Halo pet food in Israel!

  4. 光环宠物食品是最好的,许多人从未听说过它。让人们知道良好的产品而不是过度广告“不那么好”,这很好。有人必须支付这些文章。这些是与您的猫在地球日和任何一天的猫做什么的重要例子。

  5. 我在美国美容供应/全体宠物商店开始在80年代销售Halo!这是最好的 - 健康宠物产品的先驱...... .40岁以后我仍然使用,支持,促进和尊重光环。

    Ellen, you’re doing a great job!

    PS recommend 100% flushable corn litter….doesn’t fill up landfills!

    Please support Ellen’s Flights to Freedom which flies excess dogs & cats from overpopulated area or disasters to areas they are adopted as they are unloaded from the plane! Only $5 @ to fly an animal.

    谢谢, Ellen, for feeding all the shelter animals too! You are definitely making a positive difference in the world! We love you????

  6. 惊人的健康食品!惊人的处理,支持可持续的政策,支持庇护所......每个人的好处,希望其他公司具有尽可能多的诚信

  7. 我使用世界上最好的垃圾。它很好地丛生,没有分解,杀死气味并进入自己的堆肥堆。

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