& Halo Announce A New Dog Resource, & Halo Announce A New Dog Resource,, & Launch the “Walk and Wag” Photo Contest with Celebrity Judge Olivia Munn to Salute Dog Heroes

Halo Pet Food一年,15,000光环用餐和10,000美元的赠款礼貌蒙特金德尔德捐赠给动物避难所,用动物星球的宠物专家安德里亚·阿登训练!VIP折扣等

(Seattle, Wash.) August 11, 2020— To salute dog heroes and the launch of’sFidoFoster.org倡议,国家非营利组织正在与光环宠物食品和名人法官奥利维亚·穆恩一起开球,开始了第一个“走路和摇摆”的照片比赛。从现在到8月31日,邀请狗抚养和采用者分享他们最具创造力的照片,在Fidfoster.org上展示了他们的培养和采用狗的人格,同时回答了“是什么让你的狗摇摆?”。

“To date,GreaterGood.org为动物庇护所和社区提供了超过1500万的救灾,包括Fidfoster.org等现金赠款,实物和程序支持,包括Fidfoster.org等现金赠款和社区,“LizGood.org的首席执行官Liz Baker说。“Fidfoster.org将帮助拯救无家可归的狗,缓解动物避难所的负担


The two grand prize winners (adoption and foster category) of the “Walk and Wag” photo contest will receive: a year-supply of Halo pet food; 5,000 meals from Halo and a $5,000 grant courtesy of MyPetCandle to donate to an animal shelter of their choice; a celebrity shout out from Olivia Munn on social; virtual training with Animal Planet’s Pet Expert Andrea Arden; a private photo shoot with “Underwater Dogs” photographer Seth Casteel and a Wag! premium annual membership and discounts. Two runner ups in each category will receive 3,000 Halo meals to donate to an animal shelter of their choice and $100 in free dog walks from Wag!

奥利维亚蒙恩(Andrea Arden和Seth Caseel)包括奥利维亚Munn,Andrea Arden和Seth Casteel等“走路和摇摆”小组将选择前25名fosterdog walking photos, and the top 25采用dog walking photos for the public to vote on from September 7 – 20. One grand prize winner and two runner ups in both categories, with the most votes, will be announced on September 22.

FidoFoster.org是专注于改善保健for homeless dogs by supporting a national network of foster caregivers and helping organizations become foster-centric. With advice from Andrea Arden, Seth Casteel and other experts, it’s an online community for connection and information-sharing on important topics including dog care, foster resources, and canine nutrition for all life stages.

At, interested participants can learn more about the “Walk and Wag” photo contest including additional prizes.


GreaterGood.org是501(c)(3)国家非营利组织,100/100评级Charity Navigator,努力改善人,宠物和地球的健康和福祉。在过去的12年里,大量ood.org为全球3,000多个慈善合作伙伴提供了超过2.5亿美元的现金和实物赠款。迄今为止,更大的古德华哥劳动提供了超过1500万美元的支持,以支持Covid-19救灾,包括现金赠款,实物供应和程序支持。要了解更多信息,请访问更大的oof.org或跟随我们FacebookTwitterorInstagram

About Halo, Purely for Pets®

For over 30 years, Halo® has been dedicated to creating exceptional food that pets love and pet parents trust. Halo® prides itself on the quality of its pet nutrition products, using GAP-certified and MSC-certified sustainable proteins that say no to factory farming and offer Super Digestibility. Halo also uses Non-GMO fruits and vegetables in its pet food formulated by an experienced and respected animal nutritionist, and consults with veterinarians to ensure Halo® continues to offer the best pet food. In addition to their innovative whole meat formulas, Halo also offers an award-winning line of vegan food for dogs. With more than 1 million votes cast by readers in the largest survey of vegan products in the world, Halo’sVegan®花园won theprestigious2018年VegNews蔬菜奖“最好的狗食”,跳跃前线。

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