Vegan dog treats for Halloween
Happy dog with Halo health some Garden of Vegan dog treats - Peanut and Pumpkin recipe

It’s October, and for many of us that means Halloween celebrations—or as we say around here, HALO-Ween! Other than fun costumes and decorations, Halloween is synonymous with treats. But just how many treats are ok for your furry friend?

Veterinarians recommend that treats, snacks, scraps, or other unbalanced food items make up no more than 10% of your pet’s daily caloric intake. Especially for cats and small dogs, a very small number of treats can quickly add up to this daily limit. Popular ‘people’ foods like peanut butter (100 Calories / tbsp) and cheese (70 Calories / 1-inch cube) can clearly be problematic.

Better options include low-cal snacks like carrots (4 Calories / baby carrot) or cucumbers (20 Calories / small cucumber), and commercial treats includingHalo的甘薯,胡萝卜和奎奴亚藜食谱狗对待(20千卡/杯)和Halo’s Peanut N’ Pumpkin Recipe Dog Treats(17千卡/零食)。



Happy Halo-Ween!


莎拉德德博士是一位兽医,特别关注伴侣动物营养。她的研究已经在居住在英格兰,苏格兰,新西兰,澳大利亚,美利坚合众国和加拿大的世界各地带走了她 - 她目前居住在她的三只幸福救援狗Peppa,dottie和timmy。

She graduated from veterinary school in 2016, since then she has pursued her passion in nutrition with a clinical nutrition internship and a Master’s degree at the Ontario Veterinary College. She is currently completing her nutrition residency with the European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition and enrolled in a PhD studying plant-based diets for pets.


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